Aircast SP Walker (short pneumatic)


Specifically designed for foot and ankle injuries. The SP Walker low rocker sole promotes more natural ambulation for improved mobility while the generous foot base has ample room for dressings without sacrificing comfort. The lightweight semi-rigid shell has a pre-inflated anterior aircell and two adjustable aircells located at the malleoli that can be individually inflated for “total contact” fit and secure support.

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Product Description

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Low rocker sole offers enhanced comfort and promotes natural ambulation
  • Wide foot base provides ample room for dressings
  • Improved ergonomic design for ease-of-use and increased compliance
  • Semi-rigid shell and adjustable aircells provide secure support and protection


  • Forefoot, midfoot, or hindfoot injury
  • Foot fracture
  • Soft tissue, tendon or ligamentous injury or procedure
  • Acute or postoperative care (i.e. bunionectomy, osteotomy, etc.)
  • Ankle sprain


This item is sold by prescription only.

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